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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Treatments

Chinese medicine is our precious cultural heritage going back in time to the Chinese medical masterpiece, "Canon of the Emperor". Acupuncture is one of the foundations of Chinese Medicine and is the study of how to stimulate the body's more than 300 different acupuncture points and meridians for better health and pain relief. The practice of acupuncture can aid in the conditioning of organs, regulate the blood, for the treatment of migraines, sleep disturbance, constipation, breast hyperplasia, irregular menstruation, and simple pain management for a healthy and happy life.

Acupuncture—Weight Lose Treatment

This treatment is suitable for body fat and local obesity arising from a slow metabolic cycle.
Our Acupuncture Weight Loss treatment is usually a program of 15 SPA appointments over a recommended period of time. The Acupuncture Weight Loss programs works by stimulating the necessary acupuncture points to promote gastric movement and inhibit gastric acid secretion, and extending gastric activity.
It will also improve fat metabolism and the consumption of stored fat to achieve your weight loss goal. Acupuncture is also used to adjust the brain’s hypothalamus to suppress hunger to assist in achieving your weight lose results.
Many people try to lose weight by simply not eating; this is not an effective method. With the combination of our Acupuncture Weight Loss treatment and a proper diet of fruit, vegetables, and fish you can benefit from a slimmer, healthier life.

Chinese Bamboo Cupping Treatment

The treatment is suitable for back and neck stiffness, dizziness, headache, and poor sleep.
Our Chinese Bamboo Cupping treatment works by applying heat combined with traditional Chinese medicine along your body’s meridians to improve blood circulation and regulate qi for the relief of your back and neck symptoms.
Our hope is to help remove the back and neck stress resulting from your busy life and give you a good night rest so you can be more productive in your daily life.



Acupuncture—Shoulder Pain Treatment

This treatment is suitable for the relief of neck and back pain, limited mobility, dizziness, headache, muscle tension and stiffness, and the effects of poor sleep.
Our Acupuncture Shoulder treatment targets the neck as the brain’s master switch through which the head and facial blood circulation must pass. By applying acupuncture to the specific meridians necessary will open up the blood and nodules promoting better lymphatic metabolism for remarkable results.
Our goal is the relief of your shoulder and neck condition for a more comfortable life.

Chinese Glass Cupping Treatment

This treatment is suitable for colds, cough, neck stiffness, back pain, and headache.
Our Chinese Glass Cupping applies Chinese Medicine techniques along the necessary body’s meridians to balance of yin and yang, regulate internal organs, and promote blood circulation.
It will also stimulate the nervous system enhancing the endocrine secretion function, activate immune cells, and improve the immune system function for the relief of pain, sickness and the prevention of diseases.

Acupuncture—Menstruation Conditioning Treatment
This treatment is suitable for poor menstruation and delayed menstruation associated with amenorrhea.

Our Menstruation Conditioning treatment applies acupuncture techniques to clear the body's 12 meridian, qi and blood flow promoting proper blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism.
Our goal is to return your body to its natural blood cycle and remove the concerns of an irregular menstrual cycle to a healthy one.

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