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Chinese Massage
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Chinese Massage

Chinese medicine and massage is our precious cultural heritage for thousands of years with proven benefits for good health and conditioning. The law of the universe is found in a cycle that is fundamental to all things.
The three key cycles to a healthy body are the circulation of water, air, and blood. If the water, air (gas), or blood does not flow then the toxicity in the body builds up and is not removed from your system. So for a healthy body you need to improve the circulation of water, air, and blood.
Lily Spring SPA’s professional Chinese Medical Massage can help clear your body’s meridians, regulate qi and blood flow, improve sleep quality, and promote lymphatic metabolism. A consistent regimen of Chinese Massage can have positive health benefits in the treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and obesity for a healthy and happier life.

Chinese Medical Body Massage

This massage is suitable for the relief of back and joint pain, weakness, poor sleep quality, slow blood circulation and constipation.
A professional body massage will stimulate acupuncture points, meridians, promote blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism, help eliminate toxins, improve back pain, and improve your body’s immunity.

Head Massage

This massage is suitable for the treatment of migraine headaches, dizziness, neurasthenia, poor sleep quality, and alopecia.
The Head has twelve meridians for the yang gathering of various aspect of yang philosophy. It is the Lotus or the master system to control and regulate the important body functions and life. This massage will help to clear the mind, enhance memory, aid in the prevention and treatment of neurasthenia, hypertension, facial numbness and nerve headache. A clear head makes for a clear healthy body.

Aromatic Oil Massage

This massage is suitable for body aches, weakness, slow lymph circulation and metabolism, dull skin, poor sleep quality, dizziness and headache.
The massage will apply pressure to push oil and traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western techniques, to clear the meridians to quickly eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleep quality, promote blood circulation and metabolism and eliminate toxins.


Chinese Back Massage

This massage is suitable for relief of neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, tenderness, limited neck mobility, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes, and cold fingers.
By a professional massage will stimulate acupuncture points, clear the Du channel, promote circulation metabolism with rapid improvements in muscle pain and blood supply to the brain.

Breast Massage

This massage is suitable for slight hyperplasia of the breast, breast tenderness, and a slow metabolic cycle.
Through this professional massage open up meridians points, promotes lymphatic and circulatory metabolism, and aids in the prevention of breast disease.

9 Points Lymphatic Massage

This massage activates lymph nodes and lymphatic drainage tube to promote normal lymph flow. It accelerates lymph circulation and drainage, improving the supply of nutrients and detoxifies the body.
The lymphatic system is the body's scavenger and with proper lymphatic drainage is the most effective method for body detoxification.

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